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(A) BULK TEA TREE LEAF Dried, Milled and Graded

A natural bioactive exfoliant for use in personal care products and production of naturopathic tinctures.
(A) BULK TEA TREE LEAF Dried, Milled and Graded »


Australian Blue Cypress

The jewel in our Australian essential oils crown...
Australian Blue Cypress »


Australian Peppermint

Grown in the Southern regions, where greater day length approximates its native Mediterranean locations...
Australian Peppermint »


Australian Spearmint

Australian Spearmint essential oil, unlike Peppermint, contains little or no menthol. Its significant constituents are carvone (over 70%), dihydrocarvone, and limonene.
Australian Spearmint »


Blue Gum Eucalyptus

The essential oil distilled from the leaves is very high in cineole, up to 90%...
Blue Gum Eucalyptus »


Eucalyptus Radiata

Generally regarded as the finest of the therapeutic cineole-type Eucalyptus oils...
Eucalyptus Radiata »


Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus owes much of its distinctive lemon fragrance to citronellal...
Lemon Eucalyptus »


Lemon Ironbark

Its plant chemical constituents give the oil a much less aggressive aroma profile than either Lemon Myrtle or Lemon Tea Tree...
Lemon Ironbark »


Lemon Myrtle

Well-known in Australian cuisine circles for its fine rounded lemon notes...
Lemon Myrtle »


Lemon Tea Tree

Not a Melaleuca, rather, an entirely different genus and species...
Lemon Tea Tree »



Maximum efficacy blend in a Micromel (terpinen-4-ol) and nerolidol base. Terpinen-4-ol is ubiquitous throughout the plant kindgom, appearing to protect the plant against microbial attack. Nerolidol is an antimicrobial isolate from Melaleuca quinquenervia-Chemotype LN, and is widely used in pharmaceutical transdermal patches for enhanced delivery of the active material.
Melablend »



Around 50/50 linalool and nerolidol,giving very distinctive lavender and lilac notes...
Nerolina »



Our reliable supply of Niaouli has a particularly clean and fruity aroma, and consistent analysis...
Niaouli »



One of the most fragrant of the Melaleuca oils; very variable in analysis from different locations.
Rosalina »


Tea Tree Premium Select

Melaleuca alternifolia yields an essential oil recognised as one of nature's most effective and versatile healers...
Tea Tree Premium Select »



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Fantastic diffuser - quiet, compact, efficient - lots of different modes to get exactly the diffusion you want with the added bonus of lights for fun and mood setting. Fantastic. One of the best on the market. Highly recommended.

Jane Buckle PhD RN. Director: RJ Buckle Associates

Name: Jane Buckle, GB

My two year old boy loves to "turn on the mist" at bed-time, with the diffuser doubling as a night-light and an essential oil vaporiser when he has a cough or cold. I can imagine it being used for people with dementia in aged care facilities, both as a novelty light source and to help administer aromatherapy care. It would also make an attractive element at the reception desk of doctors' surgeries, helping control bacteria and viruses in the air.

E J Bowles, PhD. and author of "The Chemistry of Aromatherapeutic Oils"

Name: E. Joy Bowles, AU

As the founder, former owner and CEO of the world renowned natural Health and Skin Care company JURLIQUE in Australia (with export to over 20 countries in Asia, America and Europe), I warmly recommend to try, buy, or distribute/sell the H2EO essential oil diffuser  … for home and commercial use.

It is unique and brilliant, a small investment for an instant and long-term benefit. Over 20 years, I sold worldwide via Jurlique, tens of thousands of candle- and electrically-heated essential oil burners from ceramics and other materials, together with our essential oils. All had the same major disadvantages: the oils burned and smelled badly after a short time and left ugly residues and stains on the burner; the open flame burners were also a fire risk, fingers and children got burned; and the burners looked old and ugly after being used for a while.

My H2EO diffusers in office and home have flawlessly worked for over a year for many hours on a daily base, the fine evaporation of ultrasonically dispersed oils with water does not leave residues, condensations, or stains, the additional light/color and other features are great. The price is low for such a superior product, and it still looks new after long use. If only I had such an oil disperser in my product program available in the last 25 years, I would have had so many more happy customers and could have sold so many more essential oils! It is my favorite gift now to eco-conscious friends and associated businesses, together with some of the true and rare Australian essential oils from The Australian Essential Oil Company. Congratulations and thank you!

Dr. J. Klein, Switzerland and USA

Name: Dr. J. Klein, CH

By the age of two my son Mitchell had been diagnosed with tonsilitis four times. Each case was treated with a course of antibiotics which were effective in dealing with the problem. My wife and I were concerned with the amount of antibiotics Mitchell was taking and consulted a specialist to see if anything could be done. The specialist's opinion was that, although unusual for a child so young, his tonsils should be removed. My wife and I were extremely hesitant to put such a young child under general anesthetic. One of our friends suggested we try an H2EO diffuser with Melablend at night in Mitchell's room. We started that night and have been using the diffuser every night since. Mitchell is now three years three months and has not had a single case of tonsilitis since we started with the diffuser. Needless to say when we go on holiday the first thing we pack is the H2EO diffuser and Melablend.

Name: Brett Anderson, AU

We have known The Australian Essential Oil Company for many years and have had the great pleasure of visiting with private groups to their eco-farm where tea tree and other plants are grown in northern New South Wales. The distillery is a sight to behold - beautiful, pristine and efficient. They are master distillers and their Australian essential oils are the finest on the market both for aromatherapy applications and also heart-centered work. The unique diffuser from Plant Extracts International Inc. is so easy to use, makes no noise, disperses oils so effectively and requires a lesser amount of essential oil to be used. As we travel so often, the first thing we pack is the H2EO diffuser and Melablend so that our hotel environments are always health promoting. We just love this little diffuser! We leave it on overnight when we arrive at our destination and voila! no jetlag either. Congratulations on developing this wonderful product.

Robbi Zeck ND, author of The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation Jim Llewellyn Aroma Tours

Name: Robbi Zeck and Jim Llewellyn, AU